Friday, May 27, 2011


I have not heard this later LP from 1992, as I only know the band from the really fast Vol. 4 comp. They were from Sweden and played a mix of thrash, hardcore and some funkier bits thrown in. I'll have to dig out the liner notes and see what these Swedes were singing about.

I know the Germans are big supporters of the Native Americans and we too in our suburban England also studied their history and dressed up like Indians. Adam and the Ants were the most famous of this style. Check out the band Waxwork Dummies over on my Hopefully the link to download their cassette still works. Anyhow, you should know that the inglorious US Cavalry massacred 300 Sioux, (mainly women and children), at Wounded Knee in South Dakota in 1890. This was not the end of the great nation who rebelled again in in 1973 with an occupation of the site by A.I.M. members. This brought the continued oppression of the Lakota Nation to the attention of the world.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Xenolith Oger

Sorry but no great meaning here. I was just looking for another "x" band. Xenolith - a fragment of magma rock. Oger maybe a spelling misteak (sic) of "ogre. So maybe a hard rock monster, which is definitely what these all female Japanese thrash demons were. There is a demo out there somewhere and a video which a pathetic 1428 of you have watched on


People fear strangers and their different ways. We should embrace different cultures. I was fortunate enough to travel around the world as a kid and was exposed to diversity,with positive consequences. However, I did feel the '79 Gang of Four song "At home he's a tourist" applied to me in that I liked the foreign places better. There are a couple of bands named Xenophobia. I have only heard the Russian hardcore band, but I can't find any of their material right now. Anyway a good name and there aren't many punk bands that start with an "X" and even fewer that have a meaning.

Monday, May 9, 2011


There are many bands out there with names including the word "nuclear" e.g:

Nuclear Assault

Nuclear Baby Food

Nuclear Blast Suntan

Nuclear Chaos

Nuclear Crayons

Nuclear Erection

Nuclear Frost

Nuclear Sockets

Nuclear Winter

It doesn't seem like people are too bothered about the threat of dying from a nuclear war these days, but back in the '60s my mum was marching in the CND (campaign for nuclear disarmament) rallies and I did so in the '80s. How crazy is it that the START treaty is reducing the number of strategically deployed nuclear missiles from 2,200 to 1,550. A war involving 100 missiles would result in billions of deaths and disruption of the Earth's climate. But these days I don't care if humans want to kill eachother. They're all morons anyway. Why can't they at least use something that leaves the animals and plants unharmed?

The Finnish have some enormous band titles like "Kykloopien Sukupuutto" which means "the extinction of cyclops". They also have the band Ydintuho which means "nuclear disaster". The superb has their demo.

Oh, the classic '80s Finnish Nukketeatteri means "puppet theatre". One of the best punk bands ever , up there on my billboard.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Japanese noise merchants Zyanose have a name which looks like it is German and translates to English as cyanosis which is a the bluish colour your skin goes when you are oxygen deprived, like under carbon monoxide poisoning. Umm! http://www.madblastsofchaos.blogspot/ have an e.p. by these raucous sadists.


Again there are more than one band with this title, but only one I'm interested in. Zygote the fertilized human egg in its earliest stage of development. In 1991 ex-members of the mighty Amebix and Smart Pils chose this clever moniker. Some songs are on (audio only). The sounds is like a crusty Amebix and some is heavy like Motorhead and others more Killing Joke. Fuckin' yeah maan! Check them out. A measly 20 odd people have so far hit on some of the songs. I was talking about this with the missus. The popular drivel on youtube gets millions of hits. Great classic crust punk like this gets nought. But, I would have left punk years ago if I wanted to be like everyone else.

Zyklon B, Zyklome A, Giftgas

There are/were several bands with the name Zyklon B. Where does it come from? Well those evil nazis released this pesticide in the gas chambers to poison and kill the Jews. So it's a pretty offensive name right? Punk of course had a lot of shock factor, but also chose names for their bands of things they were against like Police Bastard, Police Beat, Police Charged, Police Line, Police Shit. Those using the name Zyklon alert us not to ignore the past. There was a US band back in the 80's whose demo can be found at http://www.lockjaw-yappy.blogpsot/.com, a current chaos punk band from Cincinnatti, OH, a German band in the 70s with members that later were in Stress and V2.

Avoid the Polish nazi hate band with the same name. Why of all the countries would there be fascists in Poland? In WW2 over 16% of their population were killed!

A variation on the name is Zyklome A, one of greatest Belgium bands, well a great band for the whole world. They have one of my all time favourite songs "Noise and Distortion". You can download their EP from Grand Theft Audio also released a super CD by them of all their stuff from 1883, '84 & '85.

Giftgas is German for "poison gas". There is a noise band (ex-Distract) from Sweden ca1998 and a German band (see

Classic Texas '77 punk band the Hugh Beaumont Experience had a song Zyklon B.